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Data Centers Decoded

A Rare View Inside the Buildings Powering the Digital Age

Dive into the real estate asset class supporting the internet, cloud, smart technology and AI

In this video from Aphorio Carter, explore the intricate world of data centers, where massive amounts of digital information and critical applications come to life. Learn about the advanced technologies inside data centers, revealing the essential role they play in our connected world. See what makes data centers an increasingly attractive, stable real estate asset class for investors and why the demand for data center space continues to soar.

Explore the Fibertown Data Center

See inside one of Aphorio Carter’s Data Centers, the Fibertown Data Center in Bryan, Texas.

Risk Factors

There are risks associated with making an investment into Aphorio Carter Critical Infrastructure Fund, LLC (the “Fund”), including, without limitation, those set forth below. An investment in the Fund is speculative and illiquid, and involves significant risks, including the possibility of investors losing all of their invested capital. The Fund’s Confidential Private Placement Memorandum, dated September 15, 2022 (as amended or supplemented, the “Memorandum”) contains more complete information regarding an investment in the Fund and should be read in its entirety and the discussion in the Risk Factors section of the Memorandum beginning on page 27 should be carefully considered. The information and statements contained herein are qualified in their entirety by the Memorandum.

  • This is a “best efforts” offering with no minimum raise or minimum escrow requirements.
  • The lack of liquidity of the Units.
  • The Units are not registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or any state securities commissions.
  • Investors may not realize a return on their investment for years, if at all.
  • Investors will have no rights with respect to the management and operations of the Fund and no right to participate in investment decisions.
  • Certain conflicts of interest that may arise between the Manager and its affiliates.
  • An investment in the Units will not be diversified as to the type of asset and industry.
  • The Manager and its principals have limited duties to Unitholders.
  • The impact of current economic, credit, and market conditions.
  • Risks inherent in the ownership of real estate and technology related real estate.
  • The Fund depends on a single tenant or a small number of tenants with respect to each asset it owns and a default by any one or more may impact the operations of the Fund.
  • A default by a tenant under a lease may result in a default under the financing documents of the Fund or its affiliates.
  • The risks related to and associated with using debt to fund the Fund’s business activities.
  • The financing documents associated with the Fund’s debt contain various restrictive covenants and obligations, and if the Fund violates these covenants or fails to satisfy these obligations, a lender may declare a default under the loan.
  • Risks related to the costs of compliance with laws, rules, and regulations that may be applicable to the Fund or its underlying properties.
  • The possibility of environmental risks related to the Fund’s underlying properties.
  • The Fund is not providing any prospective Investor with separate legal, accounting or business advice or representation.