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Our Expertise Elevates
Commercial Real Estate
a B Carter Funds is a vertically integrated real estate and finance company backed by decades of experience and specializing in high-growth investment strategies. LEARN MORE
Investing in the Surging
Data Center Economy
a B Data centers are known as the backbone of the digital universe, supporting exponential growth in data usage from artificial intelligence, 5G, streaming, e-commerce, cloud computing and more. SEE OUR DATA CENTER STRATEGY
Investing in Critical Housing a B Due to the housing affordability crisis in the U.S., more people are being priced out of home ownership and turning to reasonably priced apartments in attractive markets. VISIT CARTER MULTIFAMILY Investing in Tax-Smart Real Estate a B Unlike direct ownership, investing through a 1031 Exchange can allow for passive income and potential tax benefits, including the ability to defer capital gains taxes. EXPLORE OUR DST/1031 EXCHANGE STRATEGIES

Investing in High-Growth Real Estate

With more than $3 billion assets under management, Carter Funds focuses on acquiring, developing, and expertly managing real estate investments in high-growth industries and markets throughout the Southern and Mid-Atlantic U.S.

Carter Funds Companies & Strategies

Tax-Advantaged 1031 Exchanges & DSTs
Multifamily Acquisitions & Development
Data Center Investments
Property Management

A Reputation of Excellence

Our companies are built on over 300 years of combined real estate experience and led by experts who have managed more than $89 billion in real estate transactions and specialize in structuring alternative investments.

Invested in Your Growth

Carter Funds partners with financial advisors to provide opportunities in private markets to their clients. With Carter Funds, you can invest in commercial real estate assets without the management headache.

We have invested in, remodeled, managed or sold more than 80 properties across a diversified portfolio of multifamily assets, data center properties, industrial properties and development projects.

$3.1 B
Assets Under Management
$909 M
Sold Assets
$4.0 B
Historical Acquisitions
Properties in 15 States
Sold Properties
Total Properties Acquired
Apartment Homes
Sold Apartment Homes
Total Apartment Homes Acquired
$3.1 Billion
Assets Under Management
Properties in 15 States
Apartment Homes
$4 Billion
Assets Acquired
Apartment Homes Acquired
$909 Million
In total sales price
Apartment Homes Sold

Diversified Portfolio

We aim to acquire assets in growing U.S. markets and drive investment performance through strategic value-add and operational improvements.

Featured Properties

Hear From Our Investors

With an experienced real estate manager by your side, discover how Carter Funds can add value to your investment portfolio.

Ask your financial advisor about Carter Funds and contact us to learn more.

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