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Diversifying Investment Portfolios With High-Growth Commercial Real Estate

Carter Funds is a fully integrated, private real estate investment company led by a seasoned team with over 300 years of experience in commercial real estate. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Carter Funds’ teams of experts specialize in real estate investing, capital markets, due diligence, asset management, accounting, investment services and property operations.

A Fresh Approach to Traditional Investing

Bolstered by a dedication to success and driven by a shared passion for growth, Carter Funds specializes in structuring, managing and executing alternative investment programs. Using tax-advantaged, value-add, development, and critical infrastructure investment strategies, Carter Funds aims to create value through smart commercial real estate investing, scrupulous asset management, best-in-class property operations and unmatched support to financial advisors in our network of Independent Broker-Dealers (IBDs) and Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) licensed to sell our investment offerings.

What We Do

Through our affiliated companies (Carter Multifamily, Carter Exchange, Aphorio Carter, and Allegiant-Carter Management), Carter Funds acquires, develops, owns, operates, and manages real estate investments. We sponsor private alternative investment funds focused on commercial real estate in high-growth industries and markets throughout the U.S. Our objective is to procure institutional-grade investments with significant value potential that fit within our defined strategies centered around growth, high demand, and market cycle resilience.

We currently own a real estate portfolio of over 50 assets in 15 states comprised of multifamily, industrial, and critical infrastructure properties and development projects totaling $3 billion+.

Carter Funds Investment Strategies & Companies

A fully integrated real estate investment company focused on growth, transparency, and innovation


Carter Exchange (CX) sponsors institutional-quality real estate exchange programs that are intended to qualify for tax deferral under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. The CX portfolio consists of Class A multifamily and mission-critical industrial real estate properties.

Value-Add Multifamily Aggregation & Development

Carter Multifamily invests in existing value-add multifamily properties and in the ground-up development of garden-style multifamily properties in desirable submarkets suitable for the growing population of workforce renters.

Critical Infrastructure Aggregation

Aphorio Carter is the critical infrastructure and data center division of Carter Funds investing in technology-related real estate throughout the U.S. The Aphorio Carter portfolio consists of mission-critical data centers and switch facilities driven by the growing demand for technology and digital data consumption.

Property Management

Allegiant-Carter Management (Allegiant-Carter) is the internal property management arm of Carter Funds, operating and managing Carter Funds’ multifamily real estate properties through world-class best practices and an experienced team with a focus on quality resident service and value creation. In-house property management provides benefits to our investors, including elevated cost controls, operational efficiencies, and unmatched performance oversight.

Interested in a Career With Carter?

We are looking to add to our world-class team of highly motivated professionals who are passionate about multifamily operations, leasing, real estate, finance, and success.